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Vidéo - Le tahitien Matahi Drollet surfe une "bombe" à Teahupoo pendant le tournage du remake de "Point Beak"

L'équipage de tournage du remake du film Point Break a investi le site de Teahupoo pour filmer des séquences. Une forte houle a amené des vagues de 4 à 6 mètres. Le surfeur tahitien Matahi Drollet en a profité pour se faire remarquer.

Unexpected highlight of the day was Matahi Drollet, the 17-year-old brother of local legend Manoa Drollet. He blew everyone away towing around the Hollywood show and into the bomb of the day. These brothers were the only tow surfers not involved with the production working the inside section, and they ended-up, serendipitously, waltzing off set leaving everyone’s jaws on the reef.

Full article here: http://magicseaweed.com/news/teahupoo-pumps-and-matahi-drollet-upstages-point-break-2-production/6765/

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